🍁🍂 Emerald KAM® Press & Autumn Starter Package Giveaway @ October 14 2021

🍁🍂 Emerald KAM® Tabletop Press & Autumn KAM Snap Starter Package Giveaway! 🍁🍂 

You will receive:

  • Emerald KAM® DK-93 Press (as pictured)
  • KAM® DK-93 Size 20 Dies
  • 100 sets of Autumn Starter Pack (KAM® plastic snaps -10 sets of each color pictured).

* The KAM® DK-93 Tabletop Press will have all the parts to function, no additional expense will be required.


Enter with Rafflecopter:

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Giveaway open through October 26, 2021. (Tuesday 10/26/21)

**If your name is drawn as the winner, we will check to make sure you have completed all the requirements above. One (1) Random winner will be drawn.

If you can’t wait and want a Professional Press, they are available our website in Emerald.


Wednesday Humor @ October 13 2021


Our Sunset Yellow (B10) KAM Plastic Snap reminds me of brisk, but sunny Fall days and colorful Fall leaves.

If you are not into Sunset Yellow, we carry 9 other shades of yellow and 130+ unique colors of snaps.

Customer Love @ October 12 2021


This item arrived quickly and works perfectly. It's easy to use and the snaps hold strong, there is a nice variety of colors and the included tool is heavy and sturdy.


Shop KAM Plastic Snaps @

Which KAM® snap color would you pick? October 11 2021

Which KAM® snap color would you pick?

We carry so many great colors in KAM® plastic snaps, making it both easy and hard to pick a favorite snap for a project. Which would you pick?

❤️ G122 - Fuchsia
❤️ G90 - Bright Celery
❤️ B57 - Medium Pink

Or do you have another from our 130+ colors that you would lean towards?

See our color chart!

Top DIY Craft Project Picks @ October 08 2021

😍 These Marvel Key Fob Wristlets are a favorite in the I Like Big Buttons! household. 😍 Supply List:

Quick and Easy Gift Idea @ October 07 2021

Make these adorable Snap Barrettes to match or accent your loved ones favorite outfit or dress up their favorite t-shirt and jeans for an afternoon outing. Enjoy!


  • 1-2 Completed Flat Back Fabric Cover Button (Choose your size, Size 20 through Size 36 all work great, size depends on the statement you want to make)
  • 2 Snap Barrettes
  • E6000 or comparable adhesive


1.  Follow these instructions to make Flat Back Fabric Covered Buttons.

2.  Lightly scuff the back of the Cover Button so the glue will adhere better (not essential but recommended).

3.  Clean both surfaces of dust.

4.  Apply E6000 to back of Cover Button.

5.  Press Snap Barrette into place and remove any extra Adhesive. On smaller sized Cover buttons center on the glue pad, as they increase in size adjust glue pad accordingly.

6.  Let dry and enjoy.

7.  Tada!

To see other great Cover Button ideas, visit our DIY Project section here.

Monday Humor @ October 04 2021


Our Kiwi (G101) KAM Plastic Snap reminds me of crisp fall apples and brisk days. If you are not into Kiwi, we carry 16 other shades of green and 130+ unique colors of snaps.

We carry a tool for that! It is my favorite tool hands down, especially when my dyslexic brain outsmarts me. 🤪

Early Bird Sale @ I Like Big Buttons! October 01 2021

Shop I Like Big Buttons! for all your holiday gift and craft making supplies!

EARLYBIRD10 - 10% off $25

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EARLYBIRD17 - 17% off $250

***BONUS: Don’t forget that US orders over $99 also get upgraded to free shipping.

KAM Snaps:
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Cover Buttons:
Key Fob Hardware:
Lobster Clasps:
Bobby Pins:
Paper Clips:
Earring Supplies:
Sewing Clips:
And Much More...


* Limit 1 coupon per order 


✨ New Funfetti Grab Bag Mix ✨ @ September 29 2021


New Funfetti Grab Bag Mix ✨ - 1000* Sets (Size 20 - Standard Prong)

$26.95 (Originally $39.50) 

* Only four (4) available.

It's Fall! Giveaway Week @ I Like Big Buttons! September 20 2021

Fall is landing this week with its cooler temperatures, crisp air, and beautiful foliage. After the HOT summer we had, it's a blessing!

It's been a while since we have done a week of Giveaways and the start of Fall seemed like the perfect thing to celebrate, so we will be giving away 6 crafty prize packages of some of our most popular I Like Big Buttons! products this week as we head inside and settle in with a mug of hot apple cider.

Make sure your an I Like Big Buttons! Group Member to participate. Join Today!

The winner must comment with an answer to the day's post/image in the I Like Big Buttons Group. Giveaway will start at 12 pm PT today!!!

Daily Prizes:

Monday's prize: 🍁 100 Sewing Clips (50 Mini Sewing Clips & 50 Jumbo Sewing Clips)

Tuesday's prize: 🍂 1" - Silver, Antique Brass, Gunmetal - Key Fob Hardware and Pliers Kit (30 Sets Total)

Wednesday's prize: 🍁 200 Long Prong KAM Snap Starter Pack in Rainbow Spectrum and K2 Plastic Snap Pliers (One 10 pack of each color)

Thursday's prize: 🍂 $20 Coupon Code for If we get 250 entries or more, we will give away 2x $20 credits to

Friday's prize: 🍂 45 Jumbo Paperclips (A Random Mix)

Saturday/Sunday prize: 🍁 600 sets of Size 20 KAM Plastic Snaps (10 sets of 60 colors)

*One (1) Random winner will be drawn every day at 12 pm PT.

Fabric Cover Button Pendant Bezel Necklaces @ September 17 2021


I am in 💕 with these Cover Button pendants!!! Aren't they the cutest!?! They add a pop of style and originality to any outfit!

We carry them in handy Cover Button Pendant Bezel Kits with everything you need to get started. 

To see other great Pendant Bezel and Cover Button ideas, visit our DIY Project section here.

Tuesday Humor @ September 14 2021


😜 🧶 ✂️ Yesterday at Hobby Lobby, my daughter and I rescued some beautiful chenille yarn! 😜 🧶 ✂️

Our Light Navy (B58) KAM Plastic Snap is our most popular true blues, great for Fall and Christmas alike. 😍 If you are not into Light Navy, we carry 22 other shades of blue and 130+ unique colors of snaps.

KAM Plastic Snap Love Video @ September 13 2021

I am busy updating the product images and couldn't help making a short video of the KAM plastic snaps all lined up. 😍😍😍 All the colors 🌈 make me so happy! 🥰

KAM Plastic Snap Love Video carries a rainbow of KAM plastic snap colors in Size 20 (Most Popular Size for Craft Projects) and Size 16 (Doll/Ribbon Projects) and much more.

Visit our KAM plastic snaps page to see our full selections of KAM plastic snaps and KAM tools.

Check out our KAM Snap Inspiration Board to find a plethora of Tutorials and Ideas for how to use KAM plastic snaps in your crafty projects. 

Have a great crafty day,

The Crew @

Tag Sensory Blankets @ September 09 2021


I love making these because they are simple, my babies loved them, and they are easy to sew.

Link to Tag Sensory Blanket Tutorial

Wednesday Humor @ September 08 2021


No housework for me today! 😜

Our Purple (B35) KAM Plastic Snaps reminds me of Fall and snuggly sweaters.
If you are not into Purple, we carry 16 other shades of purple and 130+ unique colors of snaps.

Labor Day Weekend Sale @ September 03 2021

Labor Day Sale!!! Take An Additional 15% Off Clearance Items

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!! In honor of the last great Summer Weekend, today, September 3th, through Monday, September 6th, take an additional 15% off all our Clearance Craft Supplies using coupon code:

Shop Now


🌟 Top Sellers 🌟:


KAM Snap Removal Pliers

Sale Price: $24.95 (Originally $29.99)


24 Pieces Sewing Clips

Sale Price: $7.95 (Originally $8.95)


A note from the CEO Momma ;)

Thank you for supporting our small family business!

When I am not actively growing our craft business, I am a busy momma of many. Those "little buttons" as I have been known to call them, now help me with various jobs at I Like Big Buttons! This business not only helps support our family, but has been a great tool for teaching our children responsibility, teamwork, work ethic, time management, and even their colors and numbers. :) 
Here is a link to our plethora of tutorials to help you get inspired:


See more >>

🧵 Have a great crafty week! ✂️

I Like Big Buttons and All My Buttons Big and Small :)
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So many 😍 Key Fob Wristlets @ September 01 2021

So many 😍 Key Fob Wristlets. Supply List:


To see other great Key Fob Hardware, Pendant Bezel, and Cover Button ideas, visit our DIY Project section here.

Monday Humor @ August 30 2021

Yep! I'll admit it. 😜

Our Pale Pink (B21) KAM Plastic Snap is delicate pink and reminds me of all things girly and precious. If you are not into Pale Pink, we carry 9 other shades of red, 15 shades of pink, and 130+ unique colors of snaps.

🤓 What are you working on today!?! 🤓 August 27 2021

One of my kiddos has made the decision to get baptized this Sunday. We are so proud of her and have been preparing to celebrate her. Knowing she had a crafty momma, she made a very sweet and persistent request of me. She wanted a t-shirt to wear after she got baptized that read, "I got baptized!"
It turned out just like she hoped she informed me and she loves it! A win for mom! I am grateful for the years of painting myself custom graphic t-shirts in middle school and high school. I was so cool back then. 🤣
Note the I Like Big Buttons! Jumbo Sewing Clips, I used to secure the t-shirt to the board while I was painting. Another great use for them! I love sewing clips. 🥰
What are you working on today!?! We would love to see pictures of all your craftiness!

School Must-Haves @ August 24 2021


With the school year starting back up, I couldn't resist. 😄

Shop Cover Buttons @

Shop Jumbo Paper Clips @

To see other great Cover Button and Jumbo Paper Clip ideas, visit our DIY Project section here.

Keeping In Touch With Us @ August 23 2021

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Fabric Cover Buttons - Easy Peasy, Beautiful Impact! @ August 19 2021

These aren't your grandma's Cover Buttons!!! Well, actually they are 😉 only better, with so many, many great uses for them.

💜 Flat Backs are used for crafts where you would like to glue a cover button: jewelry, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, bobby pins and barrettes, scrapbooking, and much more.

💙 Wire Backs are used for fabric cover buttons in sewing, shoes, clothing, ponytail holders and much, much more.

Here are the 7 sizes we carry. From 1/2", which is about as small as your pinky nail, all the way up to 1 7/8" in diameter, about the size of the round side of a kiwi fruit.

We carry them in both flat back (glueable) and wire back (sewable).

• Size 20 (1/2 inch / 12 mm)
• Size 24 (5/8 inch / 15 mm)
• Size 30 (3/4 inch / 19 mm)
• Size 36 (7/8 inch / 23 mm)
• Size 45 (1 1/8 inch / 28 mm)
• Size 60 (1 1/2 inch / 38 mm)
• Size 75 (1 7/8 inch / 48 mm)

Assembling fabric Cover Buttons is fast and simple. In just seconds, you will have a button ready for your latest craft project.

Inspiration Board: Fabric Cover Buttons


Monday Humor @ August 16 2021


It is sweet torture! 😅😳😍


Our Play Pink (G82) KAM Plastic Snap is soft orangish pink and reminds me of all things girly and delicate. If you are not into Play Pink, we carry 9 other shades of red, 15 shades of pink, and 130+ unique colors of snaps.

Great Value KAM® Starter Kit @ August 13 2021

Great Value KAM® Starter Kit!!! Everything you need to get snapping!

KAM® Snap Pliers, Awl, and 50 sets of White KAM® Plastic Snaps (Glossy):

    • KAM® Plastic Snap Setting Pliers
    • 2 Metal Setting Rods (the installed rod sets snap sizes 14, 16, and 20; the wider rod sets size 19 and 22 snaps)
    • Cap Dies (for setting size 16, 19, 20, 22, heart and star shaped snaps)
    • Screwdriver (for changing cap dies)
    • Awl (for creating holes in fabric)

      Glossy WHITE KAM® plastic snap sets in size 20 (0.5" - 12.4 mm).

      Size 20 snaps are our most popular size and can be used for most general projects like baby diapers and clothing. Size 20 snaps have the largest color variety, have a good strong hold, and are a good size for most projects.

      Quantities Limited!

      Brand New! Hearts & Stars & Flowers! Oh my! @ August 10 2021


      Brand New! Hearts & Stars & Flowers! Oh my!

      Check out I Like Big Buttons! Key Fob Hardware with shaped split rings!!!

      I Like Big Buttons! Family Vacation 2021 July 20 2021

      I Like Big Buttons! Family is going on Vacation!

      Our I Like Big Buttons! family is going on vacation. 

      We will be pushing PAUSE for a week, so that we can spend some real time with our kids outside of the I Like Big Buttons! business routine. A week where the business doesn't consume our time and energies.

      So here's the heads up, if you have been putting off an order, now is the time to make it. We will be accepting orders and shipping until July 28th at 3pm PT and won't reopen until August 7th. Any and all orders made between the evening of July 28th through August 8th will ship out August 9th.

      We also will be off Social Media and out of internet range for most of the week, meaning any product or order questions you have won't be answered until we return on August 7th, as we will be enjoying quality time with our family.

      Thank you for understanding as we give our patient kiddos some much deserved Dad/Mom attention and time.

      Gena and the I Like Big Buttons! Crew

      Thank you for  your understanding.  - I Like Big Buttons! Family

      Fabric Cover Button Jumbo Paper Clips @ July 13 2021

      😍 I'm in ❤️ with Jumbo Paper Clips and Cover Buttons. 😍

      Quick & easy craft with stunning results!

      Upcycled Messenger Bag/Purse Tutorial @ July 08 2021

      We are a cat-loving family here at I Like Big Buttons! As such, we have a few fluffy friends scurrying around. A while back, my husband picked up a few bags of cat food that were made of a more durable material than the paper bags ones and had cute kitty images on them. I couldn't resist turning them into some cute messenger bags for a couple of my little cat lovers. 🙂 🐈

      How to make an Upcycled/Recycled Messenger Bag/Purse with KAM Snaps and Pet Food Bag


      • Pet Food Bag of your choice (Look for the ones made of woven plastic)
      • Marine Vinyl or a material of your choice
      • 2 KAM Snap Sets (Depending on the thickness of the material you may want Long Prong)
      • KAM Snap Pliers and Awl
      • 1″ Cotton Webbing
      • Scissors/Rotary Blade
      • Standard Sewing Machine

      1.  Cut the bag along the seams. I plan on making 2 bags with it. For this project, I am focusing on making each bag with a kitty image front and center. Use a damp cloth to wipe the leftover cat food crumbs from the interior of the bags and let air dry. This doesn't take more than a few minutes.

      2.  Decide on your shape. I like to craft off the cuff. This lid of a storage container was just the right size and shape to showcase the kitty image. Trace around it with a marker.

      3.  I picked the height based on the image. I left a 1" above each kitty image. *If I did it again, I might do 2" or 3" instead. As you will see later, the flap of the bag covers some of the image. If I had dropped it another inch I think it would have looked slightly better when snapped closed.

      4.  Cut 2 pieces of Marine Vinyl or material of your choice the same size at the kitty images. I had some vinyl left over from a summer chair reupholstering product. I love it because the color goes nicely with the kitty image and it is durable.

      5.  Cut two flaps for the messenger bags. I cut them the same width as the bags and longer than I thought I would need so I could adjust on the fly.

      6. Using a 1/2" seam sew the kitty image to the front piece of Marine Vinyl, right sides together. I chose to put the Marine Vinyl front to the front so that the interior of the bag was uniform, but you could turn the right side of the Marine Vinyl inward so that it was to the inside of the bag. Sewer's choice. :)

      7.  Fold the sewed seam flat and smooth. Then, fold it until the kitty image is right side out. Smooth the sewed seam and Marine Vinyl.

      8.  Sew 1/4" seam along the top of the finished edge.

      9.  Fold the top edge of the back piece of the bag over a 1/2". Sew 1/4" seam along the edge, creating a finished edge.

      10.  For the top flap, I created a simple square with three finished edges. Marine Vinyl is durable and the raw edges hold up nicely. If using another material, you will have to give consideration to the material you are using and adjust accordingly. The messenger bag/purse will be about 8" wide when finished so I made the flaps slightly smaller at 7.75".  *If I did it again, I might have shaved off a little bit more to give the shoulder strap more room to fill.

      11.  I, then, cut the height of the flap down to 3" because I wanted to see as much of the kitty image as I could after the KAM plastic snap was installed.

      12.  Align and use a zigzag stitch to attach the flap to the back piece of the purse. Make sure to center it.

      13.  Put right sides together and sew the 2 sides and bottom of the purse with a 3/8" to 1/2" seam. Make sure to use a Stay Stitch the beginning and end of your sewing so that the stitches stay put.

      14.  Turn the bags right side out and square the corners as much as possible. I used the backside of a Sharpie marker to help square the corners. Remember I slightly rounded them so they won't be perfectly square. Smooth bags flat.

      15.  Measure the center of the flap and use a KAM awl to poke a hole for the KAM plastic snap that you will adding. I am only going through 1 layer of Marine Vinyl so a Standard Prong snap will work. If you are using thicker material or multiple layers, I would recommend our Long Prong KAM plastic snaps.

      16.  Install KAM plastic snap (Cap and Socket).

      17.  Repeat in front of the bag, where KAM plastic snap lines up. I poked the hole through both layers at once so that I had a point of reference. Then I widened the hole after double-checking the placement of the internal hole. Install KAM plastic snap (Cap and Stud).

      18.  I think they turned out super cute! Now to add shoulder straps.

      19.  For the sake of time and my sanity, I simply attached the shoulder straps with a half of a KAM snap set (Cap and Socket). I used the snap like a rivet. I also used Long Prong KAM plastic snaps for this piece because I was working with the thickness of the Marine Vinyl and Cotton Webbing. *I doubled the edge of the Cotton Webbing over on itself and sewed a straight line back and forth across it a half dozen times so it doesn't unravel.  With Polyester Webbing, you could melt the edge to secure it.

      20.  Tada!!! I think they turned out great, it took less than 2 hours to make both of them, and my little cat lovers are ecstatic. They have a new place to store their treasures.

      😻 😻 😻

      🎆🥳🎇Happy Fourth of July from our family to yours!!! 🎆🥳🎇 July 04 2021

      🎆🥳🎇Happy Fourth of July from our family to yours!!! Have a great snappy Independence Day!!! 🎆🥳🎇
      Take 10% OFF Storewide with coupon code:


      ***BONUS: Don't forget that US orders over $100 also get upgraded to free shipping!!!
      ❤❤❤I Like Big Buttons! & the ILBB crew ❤❤❤
      *Good through Monday 7/5/21 @

      Button Enclosure Conversion to Sweatpants Pocket with KAM Plastic Snaps @ July 02 2021

      I love my slouchy sweatpants for getting work done around the house, but their comfortable pockets are useless when for holding onto my phone when I am active. KAM plastic snaps to the rescue! I turned my useless slouchy pocket into a secure button enclosed, phone holding pocket in just a few seconds with KAM plastic snaps.


      I used some fun colored snaps from the KAM plastic snaps Grab Bag making bucket. 

      Easy peasy, I wore my phone around all day while I cleaned and worked. It was secure the whole time and with a quick unsnapping on hand when I needed it. KAM plastic snaps are the BEST! 

      Tada! I can now get my list of projects done without fearing my phone will take a tumble from my pocket while I am moving.

      To see other great KAM Plastic Snap ideas, visit our DIY Project section here.

      Jumbo Sewing Clips @ June 25 2021

      I am in ❤️ with Jumbo Sewing Clips. They are very handy.

      #sewingclips #jumbosewingclips #sewingnotions #sewing #handsfree #nopin #pinfree #ilikebigbuttons #shopilikebigbuttons #craftstore #crafts #craftiness #bindingclips #quiltingclips #extrahands #crafty


      Thursday Humor @ June 24 2021


      This one really spoke to me. "You're welcome, dear children of mine!" 😂🤣😂

      Our Pineapple Chiffon (G130) KAM Plastic Snap is the perfect pale yellow. If you are not into Pineapple Chiffon, we carry 9 other shades of yellow and 130+ unique colors of snaps.

      Water Bottle Charm Markers @ June 15 2021


      Congratulations, Class of 2021!!! We had a graduate this year. We are still trying to wrap our mind around it, given that we just brought her home from the hospital not so long ago, but now we are celebrating her like she is a Rockstar! 

      We were able to throw her a celebration with our family and closest friends. To make the "Whose Water Bottle is Whose?" game more manageable, we raided our Pacifier Supplies inventory and used O-Ring Pacifier Adapters in all 14 colors to mark the water bottles, so they were unique.

      It is as simple as placing an O-Ring over the bottle cap. The O-Rings nestle snuggly just under the rim and can be slipped back off and washed for reuse.

      To see this tutorial and other I Like Big Buttons! Crafty Ideas visit our Craft Inspiration Boards here.


      Hands-free Water Bottle Holder @ June 11 2021


      My oldest is headed off on a class trip to Silverwood Theme Park. Rollercoaster rides, caramel apples, sunshine, and lots of laughter. A hands-free Water Bottle, so she can keep moving and not worry about keeping hydrated, is a must.

      I made a couple of quick water bottle holders from craft supplies.

      Here is what you will need:

      Making Lace & Fabric Cover Button Earrings @ June 09 2021



      1.  Cut your fabric scrap. You will want a circle that is about twice the diameter of your button blank or use one of our handy Plastic Cover Button Templates.

      2.  Put your lace piece in the larger assembly tool piece (RIGHT SIDE DOWN).   Then, put your fabric piece in the larger assembly tool piece (RIGHT SIDE DOWN). When you look into the tool you want to see the back of the fabric.

      3.  Place the button front (the domed piece) on top of the fabric. Leave the fabric edges hanging out.

      4.  Press the Cover Button edges down into the tool.

      5.  Place the back cover button piece on top of your fabric and button front. If the cover button will be subject to repeated tugging from the back, you may want to add a little e6000 adhesive before attaching the back.

      6.  Take the smaller piece of the assembly tool and with the open side down place it on the button back.

      7.  Press down. You may hear a pop when the last bit of the button back slips into place. If you take the tool out and the button is not completely secured, just put it back in and press down again.

      8.  When you take the small assembly tool piece off, the fabric edges will be secured underneath the button back.

      9.  Remove the button from the larger assembly tool piece.

      10.  Tada!  First step complete.

      11.  Lightly scuff the back of the Cover Button so the glue will adhere better (not essential but recommended).

      12.  Clean both surfaces of dust.  I used rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

      13.  Apply E6000 to back of Cover Button or Earring Post.

      14.  Press Earring Post into place and remove any extra Adhesive.  On smaller sized Cover Buttons center the post, as they increase in size adjust post towards top.

      15.  Let dry, add Earring Backing/Nut, and enjoy.

      16.  Tada!  Lace and Fabric Cover Button Earrings are great a gifts or as products for your shop.

      Tuesday Humor @ June 08 2021


      Free prescription with each order!🤣 🤣😜

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