K1 KAM Plastic Snap Pliers Versus K2 ILBB Plastic Snap Pliers January 08 2021

We get a lot of questions about the difference between K1 and K2 plastic snap pliers. Both K1 and K2 pliers work great for applying plastic snaps. They are lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

The K1 pliers are KAM® branded pliers, the same quality brand as the snaps we carry. They come with four (4) dies:

The K2 pliers are manufactured for our I Like Big Buttons!® brand. They are a more economical option for those who aren't looking to do all that many snaps. They come with three (3) dies:

K1 are sturdier and have more robust dies than K2. If you are just doing a few snaps, the K2 is not a bad choice, and some people like them better for Size 16 snaps. The K1 pliers do a nicer job on Size 20 snaps and work great on Size 16.

K1 pliers form the snaps creating a small rounded dome in the socket and stud center. K2 pliers form more of a flat pancake with a bullseye impression that some like for Size 16 snaps, as it can make them snap together a little easier.

If grip strength is an issue, K2 pliers require less force to sufficiently set snaps.

In general, we recommend K1 over K2, but both work great.


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