Our I Like Big Buttons! family is on vacation! July 29 2022

🏕️ Our I Like Big Buttons! family is going on vacation. ☀️

Just a reminder, we are pushing PAUSE for a week so that we can spend some time with our children. 

Any and all orders made between the evening of July 29th through August 9th will ship out on August 10th.

We will also be off Social Media and out of internet range for most of the week as we are enjoying quality time with our family. Any product and/or order questions will be answered when we return on August 9th.

You can find answers to most of your product questions by visiting our plethora of FAQs and product guides located under the HELP tab on our website here.

Thank you for understanding,
Gena and the I Like Big Buttons! Crew


A glimpse of my Easter afternoon preparing customer orders @ April 18 2022

Easter Sunday 🐣 🌷 was a full day of church, celebration, great food, family time 💕, and of course, after all the fun was had, taking care of our customers. Here is a glimpse of my Easter afternoon, preparing customer orders to go out with our Monday morning pickup!

--> This order is a rainbow of 25 sets of KAM® Plastic Snaps, which are on sale for $0.85 right now. Oh My! 😊


It's Order Packing Time! @ March 18 2022

Speedy Delivery! 😜 Items purchased before 3 pm PT from go out the next business day via USPS. This order was a mix of KAM® products, Plastic Suspender Clips, Star-Shaped KAM Snaps, Heart-shaped KAM Snaps, standard Round KAM Snaps, and more. Oh My!

Shop with confidence!

Where to find us:

Thank you for your interest! Have a great crafty weekend!

I Like Big Buttons and crew!

Pack An Order With Us @ January 31 2022

I thought you might enjoy a glimpse inside the order preparation and shipping process at -- This order was a fun one! 50+ crafty items in a variety of finishes and sizes. Cover Button DIY Kits, Badge Reels, Flat Back Cover Buttons, Template & Tools, Key Fob Hardware, Barrettes & Bobby Pins, & Wire Back Cover Buttons! Oh My! You all like to keep me on my toes!

Shop with confidence!

Where to find us:

Thank you for your interest! Have a great crafty week!

I Like Big Buttons and crew!

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