Cover Buttons: FAQ and Tutorials

How to Make Fabric Cover Buttons:

Cover Buttons are easy to assemble:

  1. Cut your fabric scrap. You will want a circle that is about twice the diameter of your button blank.
  2. Put your fabric piece in the larger assembly tool piece (RIGHT SIDE DOWN). When you look into the tool you want to see the back of the fabric.
  3. Place the button front (the domed piece) on top of the fabric. Leave the fabric edges hanging out.
  4. Press the cover button edges down into the tool.
  5. Place the back cover button piece on top of your fabric and button front. If the cover button will be subject to repeated tugging from the back, you may want to add a little e6000 adhesive before attaching the back.
  6. Take the smaller piece of the assembly tool and with the open side down place it on the button back.
  7. Press down. You may hear a pop when the last bit of the button back slips into place. If you take the tool out and the button is not completely secured, just put it back in and press down again.
  8. When you take the small assembly tool piece off, the fabric edges will be secured underneath the button back.
  9. Remove the button from the larger assembly tool piece.
  10. Tada!

How To Make A Cover Button? Video

Wire Back vs Flat Back Video

  • Assembling fabric covered buttons is easy and fun but did you know there are two distinct kinds?
  • Wire Back or Shank Back, as they are sometimes called, are sew able and meant to be attached with a thread and needle to your sewing project.
  • Flat Back are glue able and meant to be attached to your craft project with glue to a flat surface or glue pad.

Cover Button Tips:

How To Assemble A Fabric Cover Button Tip #1

  • Assembling fabric covered buttons is easy and fun but here is a handy trick to make it even simpler. 
  • This tip is great for saving your thumbs or when using slightly thicker fabric. 

How To Convert Wire Back To Flat Back Tip #2

  • Assembling fabric covered buttons is easy and fun but did you know you can convert Wire Back Cover Buttons to Flat Back Cover Buttons in 1 simple step?
  • Watch the video above to see just how easy it is.

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