Inspiration Board: Pacifier Clips and Supplies

 "No Sew" Pacifier Clips


"No Sew" Pacifier Clip "No Sew" Pacifier Clip with MAM Ring or O-Ring


 Pacifer Clips


Fabric Pacifier Clip Cover Button Pacifier Clips
Fabric Pacifier Clip MAM Ring or O-Ring Recycling Jeans into a Pacifier Clip
Jean Pacifier Clip with Fabric Rosette Fabric Pacifier Clip
Fabric Beaded/Teething Binky Clip
Pacifier Clips Pacifier Clip with Rosette
Pacifier Clips


 Tag - Sensory - Ribbon - Soother Blankets


Soother Tag Ribbon Blanket Tag Sensory Blanket  


 Other Uses


Water Bottle Marker/Charm Water Bottle Marker/Charm  
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