50% OFF - 1000 Sets of KAM Snaps in Size 20 June 07 2024

$15.00 per 1000 sets of Surprise Random Mix - KAM Snaps (Standard Prong Glossy Size 20)

$15.00 (REGULARLY $39.50)

This listing is great for the budget-friendly crafter or someone making Mama Pads/Days for Girls shields. Only order these if color is not important to your project.

You will receive 2 bags of 1000 Caps, 1 bag of 1000 studs, and 1 bag of 1000 sockets. Each bag will be a different color. These colors will be picked at random, we can not predict which you will get. It just depends on what we have in stock.

We have three options available:

Surprise Mix (completely random)
Boyish Surprise Mix (no pinks or purples)
Girlish Surprise Mix (no oranges or yellows)

*For a limited time only.

**This is just an example picture of what will be received; the colors shown are not actual colors that will be received.

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