Water Bottle Charm Markers @ June 15 2021


Congratulations, Class of 2021!!! We had a graduate this year. We are still trying to wrap our mind around it, given that we just brought her home from the hospital not so long ago, but now we are celebrating her like she is a Rockstar!ย 

We were able to throw her a celebration with our family and closest friends. To make the "Whose Water Bottle is Whose?" game more manageable, we raided ourย Pacifier Suppliesย inventory and usedย O-Ring Pacifier Adaptersย in all 14 colors to mark the water bottles, so they were unique.

It is as simple as placingย an O-Ring over the bottle cap. The O-Rings nestle snuggly just under the rim and can be slipped back off and washed for reuse.

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