✅ Special Deal! KAM® Snap Press Mega Starter Package January 23 2023

➡️ 💲100.00 with FREE Shipping to US ($136.95 Value)
Use Coupon Code: PRESSCOMBO
❤️ Professional KAM® Snap Press:
  • DK-93 KAM® Snap Press
  • Size 20 - 3 piece plastic snap die set
  • Awl
❤️ KAM® Plastic Snap Removal Pliers
❤️ KAM Snaps (350 Sets total):
  • 50 sets of B3 - White
  • 50 sets of B5 - Black
  • 250 sets of Starter Pack (Size 20 - 10x25 sets)
***Limited time offer. Coupon valid at only.

How To Install KAM Snaps With Tabletop Press @ ILikeBigButtons! February 08 2022

Have you seen our KAM Plastic Snap Professional Press at work?

It makes installing KAM Plastic Snaps a breeze! I am in love with our KAM Professional Press and we carry them in pretty Coral Pink or Emerald Green.

Our Coral Presses 10% OFF on our website right now. AND our 25 sets of KAM plastic snaps are JUST 85¢!!!

Shop with Confidence!

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