I Like Big Buttons! Fun Facts: How We Prepare Our Plastic Snaps And Why October 28 2019

For all our new friends and followers of I Like Big Buttons!, it seemed like a great time to introduce you to our amazing Plastic Snaps!!!  For those of you who have been with us for a long time, here is a refresher.

We carry a variety of package deals for our snaps from 10 sets, 25 sets, 100 sets up to thousands of KAM snaps with and without pliers or professional press all at a great price. We have a listing for just about everyone at the price range and quantity you desire.

Our 25 packs sets came to be largely for cloth diapers, but over the last decade, they have become our most popular quantity for both our cloth diaper makers and our embroidery, snap tab making, and general sewing customers.

We provide the best of both worlds, smaller packs to those that want greater variety and larger packs for those looking to use snaps in bulk.


Some of the other these reasons we offer these great options include:

* An equally large demand for “just a sampling of every color”, which gave birth to our sets of 10 and Starter Packs.

* We also offer individual parts in quantities of 100 and 1000 in all of KAM Plastic Snaps 130+ colors.

If you aren't sure how to jump into plastic snaps, we also carry starter packs including multi-packs of 10 or 25 sets of snaps.  If you are new to snapping, we have starter packs with plastic snap pliers, awl, and an instructional DVD.  These Starter Packs are a great way to get addicted :).  We have 18 preset themes including Rainbow Spectrum, Pastel Spectrum, Vibrant Boy, Vibrant Girl, Patriotic, Military, and many others.

Check out our convenient Starter Packs:

Starter Kit

We also offer an option to choose your own colors.  You can pick from any of KAM Plastic Snaps 130+ fun colors. Have you taken a moment to check out our easy to navigate KAM Snap Visual Ordering Chart!?!

KAM Snap Vision Ordering Chart

Here is our chart of available colors, we carry over 130+ great KAM Plastic Snap colors.



Other KAM Plastic Snap Deals going on right now:

Rainbow GRAB BAG: Random 1000* Kam Plastic Snaps for $21.95 (Regularly $35.95)

1000* Kam Snaps/Plastic Snaps for $18.95 (Regularly $35.95)

See our Clearance and Sales Section for other great deals!

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