Smorgasbord Grab Bag: 1000* KAM® Snaps/Plastic Snaps

$20.95 $39.50

Super-Size Grab Bag Deal!!! Great for Crafters who want a mix of snap colors to choose from!

(def) Smorgasbord /ˈsmôrɡəsˌbôrdis a wide range of something; a variety. That is exactly what this mix is. 😁

You are purchasing approximately 1000* MIXED KAM® plastic snap sets in Size 20 and Size 16 with a miscellaneous mix of most everything KAM® plastic snap size and shape we carry.  We had some buckets of mixed color snap parts which we have packaged in 1000 set increments by weight.  There will be approximately 3700-4300 pieces.  While the mix is random, there will often be a color or two that account for a large portion of the snaps. 

(Disclaimer)  * Please note there will not be an equal amount of any particular color. There may be more Caps, Sockets, or Studs as it was done by weight. All the pieces are mixed together in 1 large bag. 

(Disclaimer)  * Please note this Smorgasbord Grab Bag is completely random but will be primarily Size 20 and Size 16 parts. There will be a few Stars, Hearts, Size 14, Size 19,  Long Prong Size 20, or Size 22 mixed in, but the majority will be standard Size 20 and Size 16.

(Disclaimer)  *Because of the discounted nature of this item, it is sold AS-IS.  If you are hoping for a particular color or colors or size, one of our sample or starter packs may be a better option. This listing has been described to the best of our ability and there are NO returns.


You will need snap pliers to apply plastic snaps.

You can do it! See how easy it is with one of our step by step tutorials:

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