30 Days of KAM Snaps and Beyond!!! Repairing a Watch Band with KAM Snaps August 21 2014

KAM Snaps to the Rescue!!! Another great use for KAM Snaps from one of our wonderful customers - Watch Band Repair!

"Wanted to show you what I did with one of your snaps. My strap holder (rubber) broke and I couldn’t wear my watch as it would come undone. My husband and I decided to try one of your Kam Snaps and viola it worked. I couldn’t be happier that I have my watch back. It was the kind that had a “strange” set up on the band so hadn’t been able to find a new band. The pink worked great!! So happy I invested in these. - Joan"

Thanks so much for sharing, Joan! I love all the great things KAM Snaps can be used for :).

Joan's watch band KAM Snap Fix