30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #12: How To Make "No Sew" Unpaper Towels with KAM Snaps June 09 2014

Day #12

"No Sew" Unpaper Towels with KAM Snaps


unpaper towel micro fiber pic1


1.  Choose your Micro Fiber Clothes, I went with a mix of Neon Yellow, Lime Green, and Light Blue colored Clothes and picked from my 130+ color choices to find the best match KAM snaps. Some people use Terry Cloth Kitchen towels or Hand Clothes but I love the cleaning power of Micro Fiber Clothes plus my dear husband found me a screaming deal on Amazon he just couldn't pass up :).  I have a surplus of toilet paper and other household items for the very same reason :P.   I also have used Micro Fiber clothes from Walmart, I find them on clearance pretty often which makes them very reasonable.

unpaper towel micro fiber pic2

2.  I made a template with clear plastic. It was 1"x 11"-ish strip of plastic (to match the length of my Micro Fiber Clothes) and I punched 3 holes: the 1st at 1/2" down and 1/2" in, the 2nd at the other end same 1/2" up and 1/2" in, and the 3rd exactly in the middle of the 2 holes 1/2" in. You can do 2 holes but the 3rd hole keeps the Unpaper Towels from sagging in the middle.

3.  Then I marked with a super fine tipped permanent marker where to place the snaps holes.

unpaper towel micro fiber pic3

4.  Now install the KAM Snaps, in each hole, I recommend doing all the ones on the left first and then all the ones on the right. I found that I get mixed up otherwise and have to undo my hard work. So I did KAM Snap Caps down (under) on the left with the studs face up. Then I did the right side, I did KAM Snap Caps up (top) with sockets down on (under).

unpaper towel micro fiber pic4

unpaper towel micro fiber pic7

unpaper towel micro fiber pic5

5.  Now snap all your towels together, roll them up, and place them on your paper towel holder.

unpaper towel micro fiber pic6

6.  Tada, No Sew! I think it looks so much nicer than a kitchen drawer crammed full of wrinkled clothes, don't you :).  Happy Snapping and Cleaning!!!