30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #3: How To Repair a Doll Pram with KAM Snaps May 09 2014

Day #3

My daughter has a cute little pram for her dolls.  She loves it for many reasons but especially because its pink and it can hold a lot of babies :).  Unfortunately, it was designed by someone who has never had a toddler.  The sun bonnet and foot cover on the pram Velcro on, which means they never stay on and a constantly being brought back to MOM! to be reattached.

KAM Snaps to the rescue again! I was able to pick just the right color of snaps from our 130+ colors, which was B47 Neon Pink, it works for so many pink things :).

And Tada!!! In under 10 minutes and with 6 sets of snaps, the pram was rolling along.  And as a bonus, Mom is no longer her personal handy-woman, well, for this toy anyway :P.

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