30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #1: How To Repair Toddler Shoes with KAM Snaps May 07 2014

Day #1

My next mission is to find 30 great ways to use KAM Plastic Snaps in my own home. Please keep in mind this will not happen daily, :) my life is wonderfully full of crazy kids and happy chaos but please keep checking back as I snap my way through my house. :P Here is the start of my adventure:

My middle daughter had to have these amazing pink, sparkly, Hello Kitty shoes. The problem with the shoes is that they came with the tiniest little bit of Velcro to hold them in place. While I love Velcro on shoes especially because it means I don’t have to tie shoes all day. It wasn’t enough to keep them on her feet for more than a few minutes.

Solution: 2 sets of B47 Neon Pink KAM Snaps

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Here is a couple pictures of how they turned out. They stay on her feet now and she proudly wears them all over the place.