Size 20 (1/2 inch / 12 mm) Self Cover Buttons by February 20 2020

We love our Cover Buttons! Easy to make and versatile they are one of my favorite go-to craft supplies.

We carry them in 7 great sizes. The smallest, Size 20 (1/2"), is about the size of your pinky nail in both Wire Back (sewable) and Flat Back (glueable).


Size 20 (1/2 inch / 12 mm)

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Good Through February 29, 2020.


Size 20 Cover Buttons are great for small projects:

Stud-sized Fabric Cover Button Earrings

Fabric Cover Button Bracelet

Fabric Cover Button Bobby Pins

Fabric Cover Buttons for your favorite outfit

Scrapbooking or Card Making

And Much, Much More


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