I Like Big Buttons! Cuff Bracelet with Upcycled Jeans and KAM Snaps February 21 2017

A continuing problem in my house is holey jeans. I keep thinking they might grow out of this particular feature, but just yesterday my middle son walked up to me and turned around. He laughed as he relayed how he fell, but caught himself on a cabinet. Which as he wiggled his fingers through the seat of his pants, had snagged his pants in the seat leaving a gaping hole. Oh bother! When he twisted back around, I couldn't help, but note that it wasn't these pair of jeans first or second hole. The knees were completely split out.

I gave him permission to make his stuffed animals outfits out of the jeans, one of his favorite past times. Another great project for unsalvageable jeans is a cute Upcycled Cuff Bracelet, see the details below.

Upcycled Jean Cuff Bracelet with KAM Snaps


Supplies for a Upcycled Jean Cuff Bracelet:

Upcycled Jean Cuff Bracelet with Embroidery and KAM Snaps


Supplies for a Upcycled Jean Embroidered Cuff Bracelet: