Making a Recycled Jean Cuff Bracelet with KAM Snaps

Continuing with the theme of things you can do with holey Jeans, I set about to make a Cuff Bracelet with a leg of the jeans and some KAM Snaps.Β  I let my crafty helper pick the snaps of her choice and we did a little mix matching so that she could wear it a couple different ways.Β  It turned out great and she was pleased to be the owner of it after the Tutorial was complete :).

Supplies for a Recycled Jean Cuff Bracelet:


  1. Using an old, holey pair of Jeans cut two 2β€³ by size of wrist plus 1 1/2" strips of material, for my model's wrist I did about 7".
  2. Stitch around the strip of fabric about a 3/8β€³ in all the way round making sure to back stitch at the start and end.
  3. Pull on the edges to fray the jean material up to the stitch you made.Β  I used the model, a crafty child :), and a cutting board and a fork.Β  It will also fray over time but I was going for a this look.
  4. One side I installed 2 Caps and 2 Sockets, I installed each 1/8" off the corner seam on both ends.
  5. Repeat on other side, making sure to put the 2 Caps and 2 Studs on the opposite sides from the other end so that when you overlap the Cuff to snap it that the sockets and studs meet.Β  I found it easiest to wrap the Cuff around my model's wrist to make sure I positioned the second set of snaps correctly the first time.
  6. Tada!Β  It turned out great and will be a wonderful accent to my daughter's outfits.Β  Happy Snapping!!!
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