How to make a Halter Top Swimsuit a Strapped Swimsuit with KAM Plastic Snaps by July 02 2019

We bought this cute swimsuit for my daughter. The swimsuit is totally adorable, but both she and I felt it tended to slip a little too far down in the front as the day went along. KAM plastic snaps to the rescue! We turned her halter top swimsuit into a standard strapped swimsuit in just a few seconds with KAM plastic snaps.


(Original Halter Top - Back Style)

First, we decided that we wanted the ends to crisscross and tuck into the back of the swimsuit, to give the illusion that the straps were sewn in place. We also wanted to leave to halter top feature in case she wanted to wear the straps tied up when sunbathing.  

We used G100 - Marina (Blue) to coordinate with the swimsuit's warm sea blue color. Because we wanted the straps to tuck into the suit, we installed the KAM snap Cap and Socket on the back of the swimsuit with the Cap facing out. We, then, installed the KAM snap Cap and Stud on the swimsuit strap so that the Stud faced out.

Then we simply crisscrossed the straps and snapped them in place. It's a snap!

We are pleased with how it turned out. It looks like it was always meant to be a strapped swimsuit and it can easily be converted back into a halter top at a moments notice.

Tada! Time to go lounge at the swimming pool!

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