How to make a Fabric and Cotton Webbing Key Fob Hardware Wristlet by February 28 2019

Instructions for 1.25" Key Fob Hardware (adjust accordingly if using 1" Hardware)


1.  Cut a 10" section of Cotton Webbing and Fabric strip, create a 10"x1.25" strip of Fabric and a 10"x0.75" strip of Heat N Bond.

2.  Center and Iron Heat N Bond to the wrong side of Fabric strip.

3.  Remove backing and on each side fold 1/4" seam over and iron.

 4.  Turn finished Fabric Strip right side up and iron to Cotton Webbing making sure to center it.

5.  Stitch along the edge of your Fabric strip, securing the edge onto the webbing.  Work slowly, keeping close to the edge.  Go the whole length and around the ends of the fabric strip for added stability.

6.  Fold the Cotton Webbing in half, right sides facing out and match up the ends.  Stitch the ends together with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Trim any loose threads.

7.  Tuck the sewn seam ends into the Key Fob Hardware, making sure that the Cotton Webbing is in there evenly and not hanging out one end or the other.

8.  Using your pliers wrapped in duct tape or a scrap of fabric to protect the metal from getting scratched, squeeze the Key Fob Hardware closed a little at a time.  I like to go back and forth a couple times so that I don't over crimp one side too much.

9.  Add the Key Ring and Yay!!! You are done.  Good Job!!!

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