30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #15: How to make a “No Sew” Leash for a Toddler Cup with KAM Snaps June 12 2014

Day #15

Making a "No Sew" Leash for a Toddler Cup with KAM Snaps

Today I am tackling a Leash for a toddler cup.  My toddlers love to chuck food, cups, dishes, toys, you name it they will throw it from their highchair.  KAM Snaps to the rescue!

With a couple minutes and a few supplies, you can make this handy Leash and eliminate a least one thing from flying through the air.


Cup Lease pic 1


1.  Measure off a piece of Grosgrain ribbon that is long enough to wrap around both the arms of the high chair, around the cup and enough length for your child to lift the cup to their mouth comfortably.  I went with 5' but 4 1/2' would have been enough.

Cup Lease pic 2

2.  The ribbon I was using was made of polyester so I used a lighter to seal the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't fray.  (If you are unsure, you may want to practice on a scrap piece if this is your first time or you are unsure of the what the material is made of.)

Cup Lease pic 3

3.  To make the ends more secure and long lasting, I folded the ribbon over about 1/2" to help reinforce the ends and pushed the cap through.

Cup Lease pic 4

4.  Install the KAM Snap at each end.

Cup Lease pic 5

5.  Measure or wrap the ribbon around the arms of the highchair and install a snap where the ribbon intersects.  On my highchair it was 8" but each brand will vary.  Install a KAM Snap on each end about 8" (or your measurement) in from the end.

Cup Lease pic 6

6.  Install the ribbon on your highchair, put a Toddler Cup in the ribbon and pull until you have two equal lengths.  Now pinch the ribbon loosely together around the cup, loose enough to allow for different cup sizes but tight enough to hold the cup well.  Install a set of snaps at the point where the ribbon met.

Cup Lease pic 9

Cup Lease pic 7

7.  Installed it should look like this.

Cup Lease pic 8

8.  Tada!  Enjoy your throw-free cup zone!  My toddler was suspicion of it at first but after grunting at it for while :) she happily settled into drinking from her cup and eating her snack.