30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #14: How to Cinch the Waistband on Children’s Clothing with KAM Snaps June 11 2014

Day #14

Today I am tackling, how to say this delicately, children with teeny weeny back sides :).  It is an epidemic in our house.  Therefore, we own a ton of those pants that have the built in elastic and buttons but not all clothing companies have caught up with the times.  For example, these sweat pants and skirt are cute and functional but always around my daughter's knees.  KAM Snaps to the rescue!

With just a couple seconds and a few snaps, you can cinch the waist on their favorite pants, shorts, or skirt.  Bonus, if they ever do grown into the waist before they grow out of the length just unsnap it and go.  One of my middle boys is always coming up to me with a new pair of shorts declaring,"Mom, this one needs snaps.  It won't stay up."  :) I even did this to a pair of my favorite comfy sweat pants that have seen a few too many pregnancies come and go.  It worked like a charm!

Cinching the Waistband on Children's Clothing with KAM Snaps


My Daughter's Sweat Pants:

pants with snaps pic 2

pants with snaps pic 3

pants with snaps

I used 2 sets of KAM Snaps on each side of these sweat pants.  I have found 2 sets work the best if there is enough room for them in the waist band.  Also I install the snaps along the side or sides, depending on how much you need to gather or cinch in, it hides the snaps fairly well and doesn't make the clothing look awkwardly gathered.

My Daughter's Skirt:

Skirt with snaps pic 5

Skirt with snaps pic 6

Skirt with snaps pic 4

On this skirt there was only room for 1 set of KAM Snaps but it holds great.  Also, I let my daughter pick out the colors she wanted.  As you can see she is a Pink and Purple girl :).

Easy to do and saves my children from a lifetime of "awkward" running, oh you know what I am talking about ;), the run where they hold the back waist of their pants up with one hand and hobble along :P.  Thank goodness for KAM Snaps!!!