Exclusive I Like Big Buttons! KAM Snaps Spring 2014 Colors May 01 2014

Time to unveil our all new Exclusive I Like Big Buttons! KAM Snaps Spring 2014 Colors!!!

We have added 9 great colors to our KAM Snaps selection, we now carry 130+ KAM Snap colors!!!

Our New Colors are:

G122 - Fuchsia (a vibrant deep pink)
G123 - Antique Lace (creamy off-white)
G124 - Robin's Egg Blue (pale blue with a tint of green)
G125 - Purple Pansy (medium purple)
G126 - Daffodil (happy, bright yellow)
G127 - Orchid (beautiful purple/pink)
G128 - Daylily (light vibrant orange)
G129 - Wisteria (pale purple)
G130 - Pineapple Chiffon (pale yellow/white)

We hope you love our new Spring colors as much as we do! We are delighted with them and are excited to share them with you.

See our list in color order at:


See our list in number order at:


See picture below for our New Colors below (G122 through G130)

Thank you,