Long Prong vs Standard Prong Customer Review @ ILikeBigButtons.com April 06 2021


LOVE these long prong KAM buttons. They work wonders with thicker fabric, such as double layer leather like fabric you often use in projects like “hand sanitizer bottle holders”, “key fogs “, and others .
Until I bought these I had managed to press the standard size 20 prong length Kam snaps in by carefully cutting a layer out (a small circle) using sharp manicure scissors -but it was far from ideal.
Now I simply use these size 20 LONGER prong buttons with leather like double layer fabrics, so much neater!!
DELIVERY was very fast & CUSTOMER support is excellent.
Highly recommend this product & this seller. Won’t hesitate to buy more here.
-- Rejane

❤ this review! It is very detailed. Rejane even took the time to include a picture of the way she used to work around when using Standard Prong on thicker material versus how easy and clean it looks using Long Prong on her project. Thank you, Rejane, for the thoughtful review and share!

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