KAM® Snap Life Hack @ ILikeBigButtons.com February 17 2023

Did you know you can use half a KAM® plastic snap as a rivet?

The sheets on our bed love to snap off after a day or two. It is one of my husband's biggest pet peeves. We have tried all kinds of sheets and gadgets to keep them on. My husband mostly recently bought this gadget that comes with three clips and elastic that slides. Which worked great for the first month, now they just slide all the way to the end, rendering them useless.

KAM® snaps to the rescue. I decided to use the snaps as rivets to keep the tri-glide buckle from sliding to the end. With half of a Long Prong KAM® snap (a Cap and Socket), I went through the two layers of elastic, pinning them together at a distance that gives them some stretch but not too much.

So far, so good!