KAM Plastic Snap Quick Ordering Chart makes ordering a Snap @ ILikeBigButtons.com October 20 2021

Have you taken a moment to check out our easy-to-navigate KAM Snap Quick Ordering Chart !?!


Simply click on any color, enter quantity, click add to cart, and repeat!

KAM Snap Vision Ordering Chart_pricing

You can narrow down your search by Size/Shape, Color, Prong Length, and Finish, as always, to make ordering easier.

We added a new category for our bargain shoppers, there is now a SALE tab so you can search the * On Sale * items exclusively. All items in the SALE drop-down menu will show the discounted price you will receive when ordering.

Right now, a large selection of Size 16 KAM plastic snaps are on sale. Check them out in the SALE tab or by looking for the colors with the Size 16 * On Sale * labeled pink bubble.