KAM Plastic Snap Love Video @ ILikeBigButtons.com September 13 2021, 0 Comments

I am busy updating the ILikeBigButtons.com product images and couldn't help making a short video of the KAM plastic snaps all lined up. 😍😍😍 All the colors 🌈 make me so happy! 🥰

KAM Plastic Snap Love Video

ILikeBigButtons.com carries a rainbow of KAM plastic snap colors in Size 20 (Most Popular Size for Craft Projects) and Size 16 (Doll/Ribbon Projects) and much more.

Visit our KAM plastic snaps page to see our full selections of KAM plastic snaps and KAM tools.

Check out our KAM Snap Inspiration Board to find a plethora of Tutorials and Ideas for how to use KAM plastic snaps in your crafty projects. 

Have a great crafty day,

The Crew @ ILikeBigButtons.com