Fabric Cover Buttons - Easy Peasy, Beautiful Impact! @ ILikeBigButtons.com August 19 2021

These aren't your grandma's Cover Buttons!!! Well, actually they are šŸ˜‰ only better, with so many, many great uses for them.

šŸ’œ Flat Backs are used for crafts where you would like to glue a cover button: jewelry, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, bobby pins and barrettes, scrapbooking, and much more.

šŸ’™ Wire Backs are used for fabric cover buttons in sewing, shoes, clothing, ponytail holders and much, much more.

Here are the 7 sizes we carry. From 1/2", which is about as small as your pinky nail, all the way up to 1 7/8" in diameter, about the size of the round side of a kiwi fruit.

We carry them in both flat back (glueable) and wire back (sewable).

ā€¢ Size 20 (1/2 inch / 12 mm)
ā€¢ Size 24 (5/8 inch / 15 mm)
ā€¢ Size 30 (3/4 inch / 19 mm)
ā€¢ Size 36 (7/8 inch / 23 mm)
ā€¢ Size 45 (1 1/8 inch / 28 mm)
ā€¢ Size 60 (1 1/2 inch / 38 mm)
ā€¢ Size 75 (1 7/8 inch / 48 mm)

Assembling fabric Cover Buttons is fast and simple. In just seconds, you will have a button ready for your latest craft project.

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