Button Enclosure Conversion to Sweatpants Pocket with KAM Plastic Snaps @ ILikeBigButtons.com July 02 2021

I love my slouchy sweatpants for getting work done around the house, but their comfortable pockets are useless when for holding onto my phone when I am active. KAM plastic snaps to the rescue! I turned my useless slouchy pocket into a secure button enclosed, phone holding pocket in just a few seconds with KAM plastic snaps.


I used some fun colored snaps from the KAM plastic snaps Grab Bag making bucket. 

Easy peasy, I wore my phone around all day while I cleaned and worked. It was secure the whole time and with a quick unsnapping on hand when I needed it. KAM plastic snaps are the BEST! 

Tada! I can now get my list of projects done without fearing my phone will take a tumble from my pocket while I am moving.

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