Introducing Our "I Like Big Buttons!" Store Front September 28 2013

We are a family run, small business located in beautiful Washington State. We have been serving our customers for over a decade via the internet. Over the years we have carried a range of items: small electronics parts, photography accessories (created by us) and now our latest endeavor, plastic KAM Snaps and crafting supplies. We pride ourselves on providing swift and effective help.

No question is too small! Please feel free to ask any question you have before or after your purchase. We are happy to help. We have several YouTube videos showing how to use our products. The links can be found in our listings.

Please contact us with any questions you have.

Thank you again for visiting our new store front! Come again!


A letter from the CEO ;)

"I am a busy momma of many. I grew up as many of you probably did, crafting with anything I could get my hands on, from twigs to the pansies in my momma's borders. Now I am raising my own children and watching them create little figurines out of twigs and weeds, and turn paper in to shreds. If you walked through my house on any given day, you might mistake it for a confetti factory. Bits of paper and imagination are everywhere!!! Since I am up to my elbows in diapers and crafts, I thought, why not sell crafty things?

Plastic snaps caught my eye first. My husband is the creator of the GotLux Professional Photographic Lighting Accessories and he uses these very snaps in the upcoming Pro and ProX models. The colors and usefulness of them drew me in. I discovered the many varied ways they can be used; I was hooked.

So here I am selling snaps and many other craft items that I love with the help of my amazing children and husband. I am sure you will find as much joy in crafting with them as I am. Thank you for warmly welcoming us and we hope for a long and joy filled run with you.

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Thank you for your interest! Have a great day!


I Like Big Buttons!"