30 Days of KAM Snaps and Beyond!!! How to make a Reversible Frayed Edge Coffee Cozy with KAM Snaps and Free PDF Pattern October 09 2014

Day #36

How to make a Reversible Frayed Edge Coffee Cozy with KAM Snaps and Free PDF Pattern

Today, I am making a couple cute Coffee Cozys for my cousin.  She called me a week ago super excited with the great idea to make Coffee Cozy with KAM Snaps :).  Since, it was just a week until her birthday I thought it was a sign ;P.  Happy Birthday Dear Cousin!!!  KAM Snaps to the rescue again!



1.  Download the Frayed Edge Coffee Cozy PDF Pattern. Print out the pattern making sure the 1″ square in the corner measures 1″ square when printed that will indicate the pattern is the right size.  This pattern works on standard sized 12 ounce and 16 ounce cups.  My models were Dixie and Chinet brands.

2.  Cut out each Pattern piece as many times as instructed.  The first time I made this the pattern, though it fitted the cup as a paper template, did not fit when fully finished.  I have added an additional 1" to the pattern to adjust for the loss in length as fabric sewn and fitted.  Make sure to wash and dry your fabrics before making this pattern if you plan to wash them later to avoid shrinkage.

3.  Original picture of pattern on fabric.

4.  Pattern after I added 1", PDF Pattern has been fixed.

5.  Cut out 3 pieces, front and back fabric and interlining because this is going to be an exposed layer I used Felt.  You can use whichever material you like, this layer is for protection from the heat of the cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

6.  Pin the 3 layers of fabric together.  Bottom fabric right side down, felt or batting, and top fabric right side up.

7.  Sew a 3/8" seam allowance all the way around the Coffee Cozy making sure to back stitch at the start and finish of your piece.  I trimmed the edges where the fabric didn't line up exactly perfect after it was sewn together.

8.  Snip small cuts into the edge of the material about every 1/4" to help the fraying process.  This will happen more fully over time and multiple washings.  Do both the top and bottom, I left the short sides alone.

9.  Finished look.

10.  Install 2 KAM Snap Caps and 2 Studs on the left side and install 2 KAM Snap Caps and 2 Sockets on the other side.  I have included "blue dots" on the template to approximate where to place them but it is best to wrap the snap-free Coffee Cozy around a Coffee Cup to see how it fits and where you would like to place the snaps.  I placed the top and bottom KAM Snaps about 1/2" down from the finished seam edge of the Cozy.

11.  Here is the finished product both front and back.  You will note that it is reversible and that I coordinated the snaps so that it has different color snaps parts on each side.  Just seemed extra fun :)!

12.  Tada!  I think they turned out great!  There will be another tutorial in a couple days to show the Reversible Finished Edge Coffee Cozy too.  So stay tuned!!!