Making a “No Sew” Pajama Zipper Cover with KAM Snaps



Instructions (Here is the "No Sew" version):

  1. Collect your pajamas in need of a Zipper Cover.
  2. Add a Collect your pajamas in need of a Zipper Cover.KAM Snap to the Left and Right Side of pajama, they are spaced a little over 1" apart.  I did one side with a Socket and one side with a Stud but upon reflection I would have done them both Studs.
  3. Cut the shape above in Fleece or some other non-fraying material.  It is approximately 2" by 1" when folded in half.
  4. Put Fabric Tac to one side, fold in half and press firmly.  Let dry.
  5. Add a KAM Snap on the left and right with the same spacing and you used on the pajama.
  6. Snap into place, tada!  The "No Sew" version is so easy!
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