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Cover Button Template

Cover Button Reusable Template

  • CLEAR Acrylic Template (Transparent/See-Through)

Customize your buttons to match your garments, purses, accessories or home decor projects, with I Like Big Buttons! Cover Buttons. Acrylic cover button templates allow you to center, trace, and cut specific designs for cover buttons.

TIP - Carry your templates with you to the store, so you can quickly check the fabric design and button size before purchasing the fabric. Size included 5/8".

** The templates are left open in the center so that you can center the template perfectly on your fabric for maximum image impact on each button.

You will need a cover button assembly tool to put cover buttons together.

We also carry cover button assembly tools.

You can do it! See how easy it is with one of our step by step tutorials:

For size reference, cover buttons are available in the following sizes:

Cover Button Tips:

  • These Cover Buttons are not recommended for upholstery, leather, vinyl, or other fabrics which are better served by using brass and teeth-style upholstery buttons.
  • These Cover Buttons do not need and will not work with a mechanical press. They are made to be formed with the matching sized silicone Cover Button tool that we offer. Simply choose "Add Tool" from the drop-down menu and the correct sized tool will be added to your order.
  • The size of the fabric circle for each Cover Button size should be approximately twice the diameter of your button blank. If you would like a matching sized reusable plastic circle template, simply choose "Add Template" from the drop-down menu and the correct sized tool will be added to your order.
  • When the circle of fabric and Cover Button Cap are snugly situated in the clear base of the Cover Button tool, flip the tool over and double-check the positioning of your fabric. If it has a pattern, you will see a preview of how the button will form and can make adjustments to the fabric before you install the back.
  • You may want to add a dab of E6000 or comparable adhesive before installing the Cover Button Back as a precaution to ensure a permanent hold.
  • Save your fingers: Tip #1 - Use the backside of a permanent marker or comparable item on the smaller sized Cover Button Caps to press them into the clear base of the Cover Button tool.
  • Save your fingers: Tip #2 - Take a flat piece of wood and use it to apply even downward pressure on the pink plunger of the Cover Button installation tool when installing the back.  Not so much pressure that you flatten the button, just until it pops into place.
  • To remove the Cover Button from the clear base once it has been formed, bend the mold slightly and push up from the bottom to pop out the button.


** CLEAR Template is Invented and Manufactured by Stephanie Jones:

  • An Authorized Dritz/Prym Retailer
  • Cover Button Template Tool patent # US 9,364,049 B2

** SOLID Template is a product of I Like Big Buttons!®

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