Unpaper Towels with a Serger



Supplies for Unpaper Towels:


  1. Choose your flannel, I went to Etsy, of course, and found almost too many choices :).  I finally settled on Moda's Marmalade collection.
  2. Choose your Terry Cloth, I went with a mix of White, Butter, and Celery colored Terry Cloth that matched my flannel.  Some people use towels and cut them into pieces, I also have used Micro Fiber clothes from Walmart they are bigger than 11"x11" and work great.  I also find them on clearance pretty often too which makes them reasonable.
  3. Cut 12 11"x11" Flannel squares and 12 11"x11" Terry Cloth squares.  Make sure to make cut them as square as possible.
  4. Pick a square of Flannel and a square of Terry Cloth, place the wrong sides together and serge the pieces together.  There are some great Youtube videos on how to turn corners when serging and how to end stitch.
  5. Repeat 12 times.
  6. I straight stitched a diagonal line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and turned and repeated, creating a X.  This insures they will not bunch up when you wash them or are using them.
  7. I, then, made a template with clear plastic.  It was 1"x 11" strip of plastic and I punched 3 holes: the 1st at 1/2" down and 1/2" in, the 2nd at the other end same 1/2" up and 1/2" in, and the 3rd exactly in the middle of the 2 holes 1/2" in.  You can do 2 holes but the 3rd hole keeps the Unpaper Towels from sagging in the middle.
  8. Then I marked with a super fine tipped permanent marker where to place the snaps holes.
  9. Using the Awl, I punched holes for all the snaps 3 on each side, 6 per towel.
  10. Now install the KAM Snaps, in each hole, I recommend doing all the ones on the left first and then all the ones on the right.  I found that I get mixed up otherwise and have to undo my hard work.  So I did KAM Snap Caps down (Terry Cloth) on the left with the studs face up (Flannel side).  Then I did the right side, I did KAM Snap Caps up (Flannel) with sockets down on (Terry Cloth).
  11. Now snap all your towels together, roll them up, and place them on your paper towel holder.
  12. Tada!  Happy Snapping!!!
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