KAM® Snaps ★Star★ Shaped Glossy (G154 - STAR Random Mix)

$4.95 $8.75

Material / Type
Shape (Diameter)
Prong (Length)
Code - Color
Plastic Snaps
Star (12.4 mm)
Std (5.6 mm)
G154 - STAR Random Mix

Set: (2) Star Caps + Socket + Stud

** By purchasing, you agree to the Disclaimers below. **

(Disclaimer)  *Please note you cannot specify which colors the parts will be.  It is completely random. Please note there will not be an equal amount of any particular color. The colors of the parts will not match. The Caps, Sockets, and Studs will be different colors. This mix is completely random and will depend on what we have on hand.

(Disclaimer)  *Because of the discounted nature of this item, it is sold AS IS.  If you are hoping for a particular color or colors, one of our sample or starter packs may be a better option. This listing has been described to the best of our ability and there are NO returns.

Would you like a different shade or shape/size?
KAM Snaps Star Shaped Red Glossy Shades
KAM Snaps Glossy B1 - Bright Red

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