Antique Brass 1.25" Key Fob Hardware with Split Rings


1.25 Inch (32 mm) Key Fob Hardware with Split Rings (1" - 25 mm) in Antique Brass Finish

Key Fob Hardware is simple to use and produces amazing results.  Just add your fabric, ribbon, or webbing for an instant, elegant wristlet.

Key Fob Hardware Tips:

  • Shaped Split Rings are heavy-duty. When attaching the Split Rings to the Key Fob Hardware, you may want to use a staple remover to wedge the Split Ring open when installing on the Key Fob Hardware. It will help make the opening wide enough to easily slide over the Key Fob Hardware and help to prevent scratching the hardware.
  • The I Like Big Buttons! Key Fob Hardware Crimping Tool will help apply the Key Fob Hardware to your custom wristlet neatly. It comes with a set of rubber tips to help prevent scratching and denting of hardware when being formed. They are available for purchase here.
  • When using the Key Fob Hardware Crimping Tool. go back and forth from left to right added a little bit of pressure to each side until it eases together. This will help prevent denting the hardware when forming it on the end of your custom key for wristlet.

You can do it! See how easy it is with one of our step by step tutorials:

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