Making a Hanging Kitchen Towel with KAM Snaps




  1. My towel is 12" wide so I decided to do 4 sets of KAM Snaps to make sure the towel doesn't sag.  With a ruler and a marker, I marked 1/4" down x 1" in on each corner and then 3" over from each corner mark.
  2. Now install the KAM snaps at each point on one side, Caps face up and Sockets face down (wrong side of material).
  3. It will look like this when completed.
  4. I then folded the towel together to double check that my marks lined up.
  5. To make sure I installed the next set of KAM Snaps correctly, I visually overlapped the pre-snapped side onto the unfinished side to make sure I knew which way they would need to be installed.
  6. Install the KAM snaps at each mark, Caps face down and Studs face up (right side of material).
  7. Tada!  Your Tea Towel complete.
  8. Hang and snap to your oven, refrigerator or dishwasher handle and enjoy!  As a mom of many :), I can't not mention that if you have a little monkey who likes to climb handles in your kitchen, as a precaution, please lock your oven or dishwasher before installing this towel.  It will make the door more easily open able.   Happy Snapping!!!


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