1000 Sets of Size 19 Glossy KAM® Snaps (0.475" / 12 mm)

$24.95 $31.95

Glossy KAM® plastic snap sets in size 19 (0.475" - 12 mm).

  • 1000 Sets

Size 19 snaps are for heavy-duty applications requiring a stronger grip like tote bags, coats, tarps, and upholstery.  With a 6.9 mm prong, size 19 snaps support thicker materials.  Size 19 and size 22 snaps can be used interchangeably, as they share the same sockets and studs.  A size 19 snap will frequently be used on the inside of a product and a size 22 snap on the outside.

Each set includes 2 round caps, 1 socket and 1 stud.

You will need snap pliers to apply plastic snaps.

Size 19 snaps are available in 2 colors: B3 (White) and B5 (Black).

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