100 Piece - 2" (50 mm) Enamel Barrette Snap Clips (Random Mix)

$12.00 $16.75

100 Piece (Random Mix) 2" (50 mm) Barrette Snap Clips with Glue Pads (0.31" - 8mm pad diameter)

Embellish your hair with these adorable Barrettes!  Use them as they are or attach cover buttons (size 30 (3/4" - 19 mm) and size 36 (7/8" - 23 mm) work great), bottle caps, or stickers.  An adhesive such as E-6000 works great for attaching your crafty items.

Use your imagination, there are so many possibilities!


(Disclaimer)  * Please note you cannot specify which color each part will be.  It is completely random.

(Disclaimer)  * Because of the discounted nature of this item, it is sold AS IS. If you are hoping for a particular color or colors, one of our sample or starter packs may be a better option. This listing has been described to the best of our ability and there are NO returns.


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