Making "No Sew" Pom Pom Felt Flower Shoe Clips



  • Sheet of Colored Felt and Sheet of White Felt
  • Pair of Shoe Clips
  • Scissors or Accucut Die Machine
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue or E6000


  1. Cut 12+ Felt circles in the size you desire.  I used my Accucut Die Machine and cut 2 1/2" circles.  Also, cut 2x 1" to 1 1/2" White Felt circles.
  2. Fold the Felt in half.
  3. Fold the Felt again 1/3 of the way.
  4. Put a drop of Hot Glue in the bottom corner of the Felt.
  5. Fold the last 1/3 of the Felt over on the Hot Glue dab.
  6. It will look like this.
  7. Put Hot Glue all around the tip of the Felt and press into the center of the White Felt circle backing.
  8. Like so and repeat around the circle until you fill it in.  It reminds me of the school craft we use to do with different colored tissue paper and glue to make a picture :).  I added a couple extra dabs of hot glue and brought some of the internal Felt petals closer together.
  9. Add a large dab of Hot Glue or E6000 to the back of the White Felt circle.
  10. Press the Shoe Clip firmly into the Hot Glue and let it dry.  Repeat steps to make a matching set.
  11. Tada!
  12. I have also made "No Sew" Pom Pom Flowers with Fabric and Organza, tutorials to come shortly.  These little flowers would also work great for headbands, brooches, or anywhere you would like a bit of fun, colorful, embellishment.
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