How To Make A Fabric Cover Button Magnet


How To Make A Fabric Cover Button Magnet:


  • 1 Completed Flat Back Fabric Cover Button (Attach either a Size 36 (7/8 inch / 23 mm), Size 45 (1 1/8 inch / 28 mm), Size 60 (1 1/2 inch / 38 mm) flat back cover buttons.)
  • Fabric Of Your Choice
  • 1x Standard Round Magnet (Approximately 3/4" Round)
  • E6000, Hot Glue, or comparable adhesive


  1. Cut your fabric scrap. You will want a circle that is about twice the diameter of your button blank. *TIP* Our All-In-One Cover Button Template makes creating the right size circle of fabric a breeze.
  2. Put your fabric piece in the larger assembly tool piece (RIGHT SIDE DOWN). When you look into the tool you want to see the back of the fabric.
  3. Glue the magnet inside the back of the Cover Button with Hot Glue or E6000.
  4. Place the button front (the domed piece) on top of the fabric. Leave the fabric edges hanging out.
  5. Press the cover button edges down into the tool. *TIP* To make it easier on my fingers, I use a sharpie marker to apply pressure.
  6. Place the back cover button piece on top of your fabric and button front. *TIP* If the cover button will be subject to repeated tugging from the back, you may want to add a little e6000 adhesive before attaching the back.
  7. Take the smaller piece of the assembly tool and with the open side down place it on the button back.
  8. Press down. You may hear a pop when the last bit of the button back slips into place. If you take the tool out and the button is not completely secured, just put it back in and press down again. *TIP* I often use a flat piece of wood to apply pressure, again to save my fingers. It also helps to avoid the button back going in at an angle.
  9. When you take the small assembly tool piece off, the fabric edges will be secured underneath the button back.
  10. Remove the button from the larger assembly tool piece.
  11. Tada! Now to attach it to the Magnet and make a Fabric Cover Button Magnet.
  12. Apply E6000 to back of Cover Button.
  13. Center and press Magnet into place and remove any extra Adhesive if desired.
  14. Let dry and enjoy. Tada!!! Now to decorate my fridge.
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