KAM® Snaps Size 16 Glossy (Mega) *40+ Colors/Will Be a Few Duplicates*

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Material / Type
Size (Diameter)
Prong (Length)
Code - Color
Plastic Snaps
16 (10.2 mm)
Std (4.2 mm)
Size 16 Starter Pack

Size 16 (0.4" - 10.2 mm) snaps are most commonly used for baby and toddler clothing, pacifier clips, mama pads, and small crafts.

Set: (2) Round Caps + Socket + Stud

1000 Sets

Mega Starter Pack B: 40 Colors; Size 16 B1 through B60 * Read Disclaimer *

(Disclaimer)  *Please note you cannot specify which colors the sets will be. It is COMPLETELY RANDOM. We will send a selection of the available Size 16 25 sets we have in stock, but please note there will be a few duplicate colors. This mix is COMPLETELY RANDOM and will depend on what we have on hand.

Size 16 snaps are available in 40+ colors:

  • For a full-size color chart, please click here (or save a copy: JPG or PDF).
  • For a compact color chart, please click here (or save a copy: JPG or PDF).

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