KAM Plastic Snap Color Card


KAM Snap color card (All 60 Colors) and 70 custom colors.

(Disclaimer) This is for a matte sample card but the snaps we sell are glossy finish; no snaps are provided.  This will help match fabric swatches and material to our color options.  For bumGenius, gDiaper, Fabrite PUL, and other I Like Big Buttons! custom colors, you will receive one round cap for each of our 70 custom colors in a few small zipper bags.  Colors may slightly vary from the diapers they are named for.

(Disclaimer) AS IS - There will be no returns accepted. This is a tool to help you match snap colors to your fabrics.

Free Downloadable/Printable Chart to attach "G" Custom Colors to:

Printable Chart/Grid for the "G" Custom Colors

Printable Chart/Grid for the "G" Custom Colors (Flipped/Foldable)

You will need snap pliers to apply plastic snaps.

You can do it! See how easy it is with one of our step by step tutorials:

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