DK-93 Press Parts and Accessories (KAM®)


KAM® Professional Press Parts and Accessories:

      1.  Size 16:

      • Size 16 Die Set (3 Pieces)

        2.  Size 20:

        • Size 20 Die Set (3 Pieces)
        • Size 20 Cap Die

        3.  Size 19/22:

        • Size 19 Cap Die
        • Size 22 Cap Die

          (Disclaimer) These dies fit the DK-93 KAM® Professional Press ONLY. The DK-93 Professional Press's bottom die has a 3/4" wide smooth-walled shank (rests in place) and the socket and stud dies screw in and have a 5/16" wide threaded shank.

          (Disclaimer) These dies will NOT work in a DK-98 KAM® Professional Press. If you are looking for dies for the DK-98 Professional Press, they are available here.

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