50 Pieces - 1.25" (32 mm) Badge Reel with Clip (Random Mix)

$13.95 $15.95

50 Pieces - Random Mix - 1.25 inch (32 mm) Badge Reel with Clip and Retractable Cord (24" - 61 cm cord length)

These adorable light-duty Badge Reels can hold your ID for work, school, or play. Embellish them with fabric cover buttons (size 45 expose a small rim of color; size 60 fully cover the badge face), bottle caps, or stickers.  An adhesive such as E-6000 works great for attaching your crafty items.

The possibilities are as big as your imagination!


(Disclaimer)  *Please note you cannot specify which colors you will receive.  It is completely random. While the mix is random, there will often be a color or two that accounts for a large portion of the badge reels. 

(Disclaimer)  These badge reels are clip backed as pictured (2nd image).

(Disclaimer)  *Because of the discounted nature of this item, it is sold AS IS.  If you are hoping for a particular color or colors, one of badge reel listings. This listing has been described to the best of our ability and there are NO returns.

(Disclaimer)  These are light-duty badge reels and will not last as long as metal or heavy-duty badge reels. Due to their light-duty nature, all sales are final.

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