LONG PRONG - Mega Starter Pack (Size 20)


20 Packs of each LONG PRONG Size 20 Color (In 10 Sets or 25 Sets)

KAM® Plastic Snaps in LONG PRONG

*Size - T5/Size 20 (0.5" - 12.4 mm)
*Prong Length - 6.2mm (Long)
*Cap Shape - Round
*Finish - Glossy

Long Prong Size 20 snaps are great for THICKER fabric projects, key chains, cloth diaper making, and embroidery.  In most cases, our standard prong Size 20 snaps will be more than enough.

Each set includes 2 round caps, 1 socket and 1 stud.

Choose (No Substitutions):

  • LONG PRONG Mega Starter Pack: 20 Packs of 10 (Long Prong)
  • LONG PRONG Mega Starter Pack: 20 Packs of 25 (Long Prong)

LONG PRONG Size 20 snaps are available in the colors pictured in the first image.

Add pliers and an awl (required to apply plastic snaps) here.

You can do it! See how easy it is with one of our step by step tutorials:

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