KAM® Snap Parts (Size 22)


Glossy KAM® plastic snap parts in size 22 (0.55" - 14.4 mm).

Each bag includes 100 pieces of either sockets or studs in one color choice.

KAM Snap Parts (for individual parts only)

  • OUT-OF-STOCK Caps ONLY - The cap is the finished side of the snap button with the prong. It serves as both the front and back of the completed snap set and is compatible with both the Socket and Stud.
  • Sockets ONLY - The Socket is the female or outie side of a completed snap.
  • Studs ONLY - The Stud is the male or innie side of a completed snap.

Size 22 snaps are available in 1 color:

  • B3 - White
  • B5 - Black

You can do it! See how easy it is with one of our step by step tutorials:

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