2" (50 mm) LAVENDER Enamel Barrette Snap Clips

$12.50 $22.00

2 Inch (50 mm) LAVENDER Barrette Snap Clips with Glue Pads (0.31" - 8mm pad diameter)

Embellish your hair with these adorable Barrettes!  Use them as they are or attach cover buttons (size 30 (3/4" - 19 mm) and size 36 (7/8" - 23 mm) work great), bottle caps, or stickers.  An adhesive such as E-6000 works great for attaching your crafty items.

Use your imagination, there are so many possibilities!

(Disclaimer)  * These barrettes didn't meet our quality standards. Our factory made the last batch of LAVENDER barrettes with loose glue pads (white plastic circle). Most glue pads can be tightened with a set of flat pliers to hold into place, in some of the barrettes the glue pads have already fallen out (as pictured). The barrettes can be used without the glue pads also.

(Disclaimer)  These barrettes are deeply discounted for this reason and are sold AS IS. They have been described to the best of our ability and there are NO returns.


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