1000 Sets of KAM® Pale Rusty (G133)

$26.95 $30.95

1000 sets of KAM® G133 Pale Rusty

Glossy KAM® plastic snap sets in size 20 (0.5" - 12.4 mm).

Size 20 snaps are our most popular size and can be used for most general projects like baby diapers and clothing. Size 20 snaps have the largest color variety, have a good strong hold, and are a good size for most projects.

Each set includes 2 round caps, 1 socket and 1 stud.

(Disclaimer)  *Please note this is listing is for PALE Rusty only. It is lighter than our standard G93 Rusty.

(Disclaimer)  *Because of the discounted nature of this item, it is sold AS IS.  If you are hoping for a particular color, one of our sample or starter packs may be a better option. This listing has been described to the best of our ability and there are NO returns.

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