10 Silver-Toned Bar Pin, Pin Back (Magnetic)

$8.00 $12.50

Magnetic pinless white plated steel "bar pins" with adhesive.

  • Approximately 0.5x1.75"

The back is a bar with very strong magnets on it, the front is a separate bar with the adhesive on one side. Peel off plastic cover to apply your design.

Won't leave holes in, or smudges on, dress shirts! Also great for flower corsages.


NOTE: It is recommended that pregnant women and people with pacemakers not wear magnets.


(Disclaimer)  * Please note these are random and will not contain any particular letter over another. There may be repeats of letters or omissions.

(Disclaimer)  * These tiles are AS IS, have been described to the best of our ability and there are NO returns.

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