8.25" Disk and Loop Bracelet Blanks with Gluepads


8.25" Disk and Loop Bracelet Blank with 9mm Gluepads

Disk and Loop Bracelet Blanks are a great for many crafts!  Each bracelet will have 13x 9mm disks, 14x 9mm connecting loops and a fold-over clasp.  Attach cover buttons (size 20 (1/2" - 12 mm), standard buttons, cabochons fused glass, flat backed beads, etc.  An adhesive such as E-6000 works great.

Use your imagination, there are so many possibilities!

Measurements for the 7.2" Disk and Loop Bracelets:
  • Silver-Toned/Chrome
  • Lengths - 8.25"
  • Gluepads - 9 mm
  • Number of Gluepad Disks - 13
  • Number of Loops - 14
There are so many wonderful things you can do with these bracelets. Happy Crafting!
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